Top 5 CBSE Schools in Canada in 2023

Canada is generally considered a nice place to live in. However, it is not just a good place to live in. It is associated with good quality education. There are several high schools of good quality in Canada. In addition to being of good quality, these schools do not charge so much. Also, they are generally affordable for Canadian residents.

The CBSE Schools in Canada have been very beneficial to Canadian residents. However, it is not just open to residents of Canada. Since Canada is open to people from outside North America, the secondary schools in Canada have become a place where several international students consider getting high school education.

What Are CBSE Schools in Canada Like?

Education in Canada starts when a child is about 4 years old. Usually, children at this age have to attend kindergarten for a couple of years. After attending kindergarten, children, usually around 6 years attend regular schools. There is no fixed age for children to be done with schooling in Canada. However, all things being equal, at 16, children are done with high school in Canada.

In Canadian public schools, most of the teachers are college graduates. Additionally, girls and boys make use of the same classroom.

CBSE Schools in Canada

Are Schools in Canada Expensive?

As compared to Australia, The United Kingdom, and the United States, high school in Canada is expensive. Nonetheless, Canada is not a destination with one of the most expensive tuition fees among English speaking countries.

Can International Students Attend Public Schools in Canada?

As a law, Canada does not restrict international students from attending its public schools. So, as an international student that likes the quality of education in Canada, you are free to attend public schools in Newfoundland, Alberta, British Columbia, Montreal, and Toronto.

In as much as public schools in Canada are open to international students, not every international student can get educated in a Canadian public school. So long as you are looking to get educated in a part of Canada that speaks English, their resume must prove that they have an acceptable level of English proficiency.

What is CBSE

CBSE is an acronym for The Central Board of Secondary Education. It is a national board of education and covers government, as well as private schools. CBSE in Canada and other countries are controlled by the government of such country.

CBSE Schools in Canada

In this article are CBSE schools in Canada. Some of them are.

1. Old Scona, Edmonton

This high school, fully known as Old Scona Academic high school was established in 1976. It is located in Edmonton, Alberta. It is a school that ensures that students have an environment that challenges them to be excellent in all that they do.

Old Scona Academic high school was founded in 1976 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to provide a challenging environment for students who strive for excellence in everything they do.

Beyond being a CBSE school in Canada, this school is one of the oldest high schools in the western region of Canada. Also, it is great place for students that have high IQs and want to go through rigorous education. Alumni from this school are usually admitted to some of the most prestigious universities in Canada. Additionally, they are recipients of several scholarships.

This school is considered one of the best in Canada and it is on a mission to provide an opportunity to students to chase a course that helps them have a great educational experience.

2. Columbia International College, Ontario

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Columbia International College is one school that is home to several international students. It is considered the biggest, as well as the best CBSE School for International student this. Also, its doors are open to students between 13 and 19 years old.

While the curriculum used to teach in Columbia International College, Ontario can be trusted to help students prepare for getting admitted to top-notch universities, it does more than this. It significantly helps students expand their linguistic and intellectual capabilities. This is in addition to helping students get ready for whatever conditions they might have to deal with when studying abroad.

In Columbia International College, Ontario, there are slots for students from 66 countries. Also, it admits about 1300 students yearly.

This school is definitely not the only school of good quality in Canada. Nonetheless, its students get lots of admission offers from more prestigious universities than any other school in Canada.

3. Brentwood College School

Brentwood College School has been existing since 1923 and can be attended by students between grade 9 and grade 12. It is associated with a very beautiful location and programs. These qualities have made it home to several prospective students.

There is a lot that this school is interested in achieving. However, its major goal is to ensure that students have what it takes to build the skills, as well as level of independence that is needed to excel out of secondary schools. This is in addition to ensuring that they have an atmosphere that provides them with all the love, safety, and care that they need.

This school is a boarding school and one where students have always developed relationships with other students that last a lifetime.

4. West Carleton, Dunrobin

West Carleton is a secondary school that was designed to meet the needs of international students. It sits on 107 acres of land. Furthermore, it extends from the western end of Kanta to Arnprior. Beyond merely being a center for learning, this school adds a lot of value to the community around it. Various groups in this community where it is are free to make use of the facility for community programs and for athletic purposes.

West Carleton school has a student population of 1106 and ensures that students have a learning environment that helps them perform properly and stay mentally healthy.

5. Royal Crown Academic School

Royal Crown Academic School is situated in Toronto, Ontario and sits on a 10,000 piece of land. Since being established, this school has built a reputation for ensuring that students enjoy academic success of very high standards.

This private boarding school has a very demanding curriculum that goes a long way in ensuring that students develop properly both in the classroom and outside the classroom.

Transition to the university is not very easy for high school students. Nonetheless, this school makes it very smoother for its students. It ensures that students who need special academic support get it.


The above-mentioned schools are the best CBSE schools in Canada. so, if you are looking out for one, then consider visiting any of the schools above.

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