Best High Schools in Vancouver Canada in 2023

Children learn rapidly. Therefore, registering them with the best high schools in Vancouver Canada could be advantageous. It allows students to be trained and nurtured as experts and professionals in their specific field of study. It also creates excellent chances for students to explore future careers, practice skills, and gain experience. Afterward, students will be ready to step into post-secondary education or the workforce with the skills and mastery they need to succeed.

You wouldn’t like to train your child in a school that lacks a conducive environment, qualified and professional teachers, adequate laboratory with facilities, a library, and many other reasons. Therefore, if you are living in  Vancouver Canada, you need to register your child in a school that offers quality education and an accommodating atmosphere for students both indigenes and International students.

This article will list the best high schools in Vancouver Canada. So don’t get yourself worked up. You are at the right place.

Does Vancouver BC Have Good Schools?

The shortest answer is yes. Arguably, British Columbia has one of the top-graded school systems in Canada. They offer standards of education, excellent facilities, and a conducive environment. This makes Vancouver an enormous city for students who want to accomplish their goals.

What are Things to Consider When Selecting Your Child’s High school?

●    Academic Programs Offered

Registering your child in a school that is not accredited with the courses he wants to study could be disastrous. He will spend his years over there for nothing. So, to curb such imbalances, check out the academic program offered by the high school before registering him at the school.

Truth be told, deciding on the type of school your child would go to is determined by the academic programs offered. Check out if rooms are created for dual enrollment and many others.

●    Cost

Parents should not be spending beyond their budget. So, it’s necessary to determine how much money to spend – if any – on a child’s high school education. It could be challenging if not properly handled.  It is an important decision for parents to prevent struggles over paying a child’s fees.

Think about it, if you register your child in a very expensive school you can’t afford it. Your child will find it difficult to graduate.

However, private high schools generally charge tuition while public schools are usually free. Many affordable high schools suit your status.

●    Student-Teacher Interaction

Teaching-learning environment is maintained when there is student-teacher interaction. So when touring a school, look out to see how students and teachers interact with each other. Have an idea of the school’s overall atmosphere. It’s a very important factor to think of while registering your ward or child.

Hence, in any school where students don’t feel free in class, there is no understanding in the class. Also, you need to know how the teachers treat the students and teachers before you can register your child.

●    Facilities Available

Selecting a school that has facilities available enhances the standard learning environment. For a student to be in a good school, it must have standard computer and science laboratories and libraries.

Hence, any institution that lacks good facilities reduces the interest of the students. In fact, no student will find it easy to understand what the teacher says. According to experts, education that is learned with subsequent practicals enhances the teaching and learning process.

●    Environment

The environmental factor is one of the most important things to consider when selecting the best school in Canada. Every school should have a conducive environment and recreational grounds.

A poor environment is very harmful to students. In fact, children need a good environment where they can play and find happiness. Therefore, before you select any school of your choice, check out the environment.

Best High Schools in Vancouver Canada

In Vancouver, selecting the best high schools should be one of your top priorities. There are many high schools, but below are the best schools you can choose:

1.   Lord Byng Secondary School

Arguably, this is the first best high school you can register your child to. It is an English public secondary school. Established in 1925 situated in the West Point Grey neighborhood on the west side of Vancouver, British Columbia. The school has passionate teachers, outstanding academic programming, and a wide range of extracurricular activities. Many students have graduated from school after being trained by professional teachers.

However, studying in the school mentioned above is of great advantage. The school is known for its selective Byng Arts mini-school program, alongside varsity sports programs and a wide assortment of Advanced Placement and Enriched courses. It is the best school to train your child. In 2003, the school expanded and upgraded with a library and gymnasium, plus studios and classrooms. The school has great prestige for educating students for post-secondary education and also to become experts in the future.

2.   Point Grey Secondary School

Point Grey Secondary School is a public school. It was founded in 1929. It has a long history of academic excellence. This school offers a reputation for a high-quality education to the students. Their teachers are passionate about helping students succeed.

Hence, the wide range of outstanding and extracurricular programming offered by the school made it to be one of the best-ranked schools in Vancouver, Canada. If you want your child to perform excellently during his university days, register him at Point Grey Secondary school. This is because they offer an excellent university preparatory program which is making the school more attractive and interesting.

3.   Sir Winston Churchill Secondary High School

This is one of the best high schools in Vancouver. This school is ranked best for its strong focus on academics, with rigorous programs that increase the student’s ability to reach their full potential. It is a public secondary school in the province of Vancouver, British Columbia. It was established in 1956.

However, students at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School have a wide range of extracurricular activities. They provide enough opportunities for a child to grow. In the school mentioned above, every child is properly taken care of and they are encouraged to reach their specific goals.

4.   Kitsilano Secondary School

You can not count the best high schools in Vancouver without mentioning Kitsilano Secondary School. It is an innovative high school in Vancouver. It was established in 1917 and situated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is a public high school with a distinct program. Its pioneering approach to education incorporates student-centered learning alongside field trips in the classroom.

They offer numerous subjects which creates many opportunities for students to tailor their education and plan for their future. Any student who attends Kitsilano Secondary School doesn’t find it difficult to cope during his post-secondary education.

5.   Magee Secondary School

Magee Secondary School is a public high school. It is graded as one of the best public high schools in Vancouver. Also, it’s one of the excelling schools with excellent education and a conducive environment. It was established in 1912 and is situated in  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. All the students in the school improve in fields ranging from business to sports and the arts.

Arguably, at Magee Secondary School, students discover their interests which enables them to explore their passions. Whether you’re interested in science, arts, or debate club, you have nothing to lose. It has strong academics and a supportive community which makes Magee Secondary School another great choice for high school students in Vancouver.

6.   Vancouver College

This school is one of the best among all institutes in Vancouver. It is a private Catholic high school, established in 1922 located in Vancouver, Canada. It has a strong academic program with excellent education and standard teaching and learning experience. Standard learning offers students what prepares them for post-secondary success. It is an all-boys school in British Columbia.

Beyond the classroom, Vancouver College gives a unique educational experience to the students. It has created opportunities for students to grow in their faith while receiving a high-quality education.

7.   Little Flower Academy

If you’re searching for a Catholic high school with high academic standards and experience, Little Flower Academy is worth considering. It offers a well-rounded education with a focus on faith and a unique option for the students. It was established in 1927 and situated in  Vancouver’s Shaughnessy neighborhood.

Moreover, the school prepares students for post-secondary education. It delivers a strong academic program and outstanding learning experience. Students can also participate in a variety of extracurricular activities.

8.   St. John’s School

The next high school on our list in Vancouver is St. John’s School. It is a private high school, which was established in 1898. It has small class sizes and collaboration-based learning. Also, it has a unique approach to education which is making the teaching and learning process very effective. Plus a conducive environment for learning which is facilitating creative thinking among the students.

It is an Anglican school with a reputation for quality which extends well. The teaching in St. John’s School is based on morals and sound teachings alongside the ethos of respect and care.

9.   St. George’s School

This is another great high school in Vancouver. It is a private high-performing school that has a long-standing reputation for excellence. Established in 1930 in the province of Vancouver, Canada. The school teaches more morals to the boys such as instilling values of service, integrity, and respect.

Furthermore, it provides high-quality academics to its students. It has a wide range of extracurricular activities which trigger the student’s interest. St. George School provides a well-rounded experience for its students. This enables the students to become lifelong learners who strive to make a favorable impact on the world.

  1. West Point Grey Academy

This institution is an independent, coeducational, and day school. It was established in 1996 and is situated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is one of the best schools where you can enroll your child. Their teachings sustain the students’ intelligence even in post-secondary education. The school has high academic standards, outstanding faculty, and a wide range of extracurricular activities.

The school offers an exceptional educational experience to its students. They teach high-quality course material alongside encouraging critical thinking and innovation which they offer to the students.

What Are The Requirements For High School In Vancouver, Canada?

  •  The student must finish certain grades that correspond to grade levels in Canada.
  • Must have proficient language skills in English or French.
  • Must present the school results or report cards from their home country.


If you Live in Vancouver and your child is not studying in a better high school might be harmful. This is because children learn very fast and whatever a child is taught is what propels him for post-secondary education.

Hence, there are many factors to consider when selecting the best high school. Best schools with quality learning facilities and libraries are the best to go for. We have listed different schools where you can register your child. Teaching their students is their topmost priority. Just select any school of your choice.

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