6 Most Cheapest Film Schools In Europe

Are you ready to Fine-tune your Film-making skills without breaking the Bank? if yes this Article on the Cheapest Film Schools In Europe will indeed serve your Interest to the fullest.


We understand that Film-making comes with a lot of Expenses, more reason why the Tuition fees for most Film schools are quite expensive.


Honestly, it would be hard to Find a standard Film school offering quality Film education at a very cheap fee.


Nevertheless, Film schools offering Expensive Tuition Fees are not to be blamed, because the cost of producing quality Films is on the high side.


One essential stage in Film-making that attracts a lot of Expenses is the production stage, at this stage, Film-makers tend to spend more.


In Addition, the equipment used in producing Quality Films are quite expensive, the recent outburst of technology in the Film world has influenced the cost of Film production to a greater extent.


Irrespective of how expensive Film-making could be, some institutions still offer world-class Film-making programs at an Affordable Fee.


Notwithstanding, our major concern in this Article are the most Affordable Film Schools in Europe offering Quality Film-making programs.


The highlighted film schools in this blog post are among the best in Europe. They are well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that would help students excel in Filmmaking.


Ensure you go through each institution carefully, to know which school suits your Financial Budget.


Without wasting much time, join me in reviewing the most Cheapest Film Schools In Europe For International Students, we got you Covered.


What European countries are best for film industry?

  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Poland 
  • Sweden
  • Ireland
  • Belgium
  • Finland
  • The Netherlands


Which country is best for studying film?

Below are some of the best countries in the world, offering the Finest Film-making programs, for your sole benefit I will be highlighting some of the best Film-making programs offered by top Schools in these countries. Ensure you read through it carefully.


1. United States of America(USA)

The United States of America is currently the number one(1) best country for Film-making, the country owns Hollywood, which is currently the richest Film industry in the world.


According to the report from Wikipedia Hollywood is worth over 136 billion and it’s the oldest and biggest National Film industry.


Below are Some of the best-making programs offered by top Institutions in the United States:

  • Film making program At New York Film Academy
  • Film and TV Development at the University of California
  • Storytelling and Film at Boston University
  • Masters In Film Production At the American Film Institute

2. United Kingdom

United Kingdom is also among the most suitable Countries to pursue a Career in Film-making, Film schools located in UK are indeed well equipped with state-of-the-art Facilities.


In Addition, Film making programs offered in United Kingdom are sincerely perfect for Aspiring or Professional Filmmakers who are keen on improving their English Language Skills.


Nevertheless, below are some of the top Film-related programs offered by top Institutions in the United Kingdom.


  • Film Production at the London Film Academy
  • Bachelor in Film-making at the University of Arts London
  • Masters In Film-making and Screenwriting at Central Film School London.


3. Germany

Germany is also one of the best countries to pursue a Career in Film making, according to Germany Trade and Invest, the German Film Industry is worth over EUR 12 billion.


Below are some of the Finest Film Schools in Germany offering Quality Academic programs on Film production.

  • Berlin University of Applied Sciences
  • Met Film School Berlin
  • University of Television and Film Munich
  • Film Academy Baden

4. France

France is also among the best destinations for individuals passionate About Film-making, below are some of the Finest Film-making programs offered in France, we got you covered.


  • Bachelor of Fine Art and Film at Paris College of Art
  • Master in Film-making at the International Institute of Image and Sound 
  • BA in Cinema and Audiovisual At Don Bosco International Media Academy France
  • BA in Motion Design At LISAA School of Art and Design France

What degree do you need for filmmaking?

A Bachelor of Arts in Film production is enough to pursue a Film making Career at any length, although to improve your practical skills you might need to participate or enroll in an Additional vocational program or probably work hand-in-hand with an Experienced Film producer.


How much does film school cost in the UK?

Individuals interested in pursuing a Career in Film-making at any institution located in UK should budget between 7,200 euro to 12,000 euro as their Tuition fee payment per year.

Which country has richest film industry?

The Hollywood Film industry owned by the United States is currently the richest Film industry in the world, followed by the Nigerian Film industry, popularly known as Nollywood.


 Cheapest Film Schools In Europe

Welcome back buddy, without Further Ado let’s get to review some of the most Cheapest Film Schools In Europe. Let’s go.


For your sole benefit, I have provided the contact details, webpage and the Tuition Fee range for Each of the Highlighted film schools in this blog post, I have you covered.


  • National Film and Television Film School Uk
  • London Film School
  • Lodz Film School Poland
  • Italian National Film School
  • Norwegian Film School
  • Aalto University Finland


1. National Film and Television Film School Uk

  • Address: Studios, Station Road, Beaconsfield HP9 1LG, United Kingdom
  • Contact:: +44 1494 671234
  • Tuition Fees:14,800 euros to 26,000 euros per year


The National Film and Television Film School Uk is among the Cheapest Film Schools In Europe.


This Film school was established in 1971, it’s indeed one of the highly-ranked Film Schools in United Kingdom.


The National Film and Television offers Scholarships and Bursaries to students of British descent.


Some of the Film-related programs offered at this Institution include Animation, Directing, Post-Production, Production, Fiction/Drama, etc.


National Film and Television School offers several Degree courses that are related to Film-making, the institutions also offer Diploma programs and Short courses in Film-making.


The Duration of most of the Film-related programs offered by this institution ranges between one (1) to two (2) years.


The Supposed Tuition Fees for students at this Institution is dependent on their nationality, students from EU countries tend to pay cheaper Tuition Fees than International students.


Notwithstanding, The Tuition Fee range at this European Film School is between 14,800 euro to 26,000 per year. Visit the School’s webpage for Clarity.


Visit the School’s Webpage


2. London Film School

  • Address:24 Shelton Street, London, United Kingdom
  • Contact: +44 20 7836 9642
  • Tuition Fees:10,996 euros to 11,003 euros per term.


London Film School is also one of the Cheapest Film Schools In Europe, the Institution main Campus is situated in the city of London.


This Institution is well known to be the First Film School in United Kingdom, London Film School was established in 1956.


The London Film School is a reputable Film School, it’s has produced notable Directors and Film producers like the likes of Brad Anderson, Bill Douglas, Duncan Jones etc.


Some of the Finest Film-related programs offered in this Institution include The Master of Art in Screenwriting, Master of Arts in Film making, Master of Arts in International Film Business etc.


London Film School currently has over four (4) Funding options to help assist students in Footing their bills.


Some of the Available Scholarships and Financial aid programs at this Institution include ScreenSkills Bursaries, UKCISA Awards, UK’s Charity Choice Award etc.


Notwithstanding the Tuition fees at these European Film School ranges between 10,996 euro to 11,003 euro per term.


Visit The School’s Webpage


3. Lodz Film School Poland

  • Contact:+48 42 634 58 00
  • Address: Targowa 61/63, 90-323 Łódź, Poland
  • Tuition Fees:6,000 euros per semester


Next on our list of the Cheapest Film Schools in Europe is the Prestigious Lodz Film School, one of the Leading Film Academy in Poland.


Lodz Film School is a Public Film owned and managed by Poland’s Government; the institution was established on March 8, 1948.


The Institution’s main campus is situated in the City of Lodz, Poland, Lodz Film School currently has over one thousand (1000) students in attendance.


Lodz Film School Poland is well-known for offering Top-notch courses or programs in the Fields of Film, Television, Photography, and Acting.


Notwithstanding this European-based Film school currently has over Four departments, which include the Department of Acting, the Department of Film Art Organization, The Department of Film and Television Directing, and the Department of Cinematography and Television Production.


Tuition Fees at this Institution are paid on a per semester basis, the Tuition fee per semester for Film making at this Institution is around 6,000 euros per semester. Visit the School’s webpage to know more.


Visit the School’s Webpage


4. Italian National Film School

  • Contact:+39 349 629 9567
  • Address: Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, Via Paolo Gili 4, Padiglione, 6, 90138 Palermo PA, Italy.
  • Tuition Fees:2,500 euro


The Italian National Film is among the most Affordable Film Schools in Europe, the institution is also among the leading Film Schools in Italy.


This Italian-based Film Academy has been in Existence since 1935, the institution is the oldest Film School in Italy.


Nevertheless, the main campus of this Film School is situated in Rome, while other of its Branch Campuses are located in Turin, Milan, San Servolo, Palermo, and L’Aquila.


Aside from Teaching Students this institution also hosts conferences, masterclasses with top National and International directors, and Seminars on Cinema.


This Film School also organizes Film festivals yearly, the so-called Film Festival is open to Everybody whether you are a student of the institution or not.


Surprisingly the Tuition Fees at this Institution is quite Cheap, the Expected fee to be paid for the Three (3) years Film production program offered at this institution is 2500 euros.


Visit the School’s page


5. Norwegian Film School

  • Address: Vormstuguvegen 2, 2624 Lillehammer, Norway
  • Phone: +47 61 28 85 50
  • Tuition Fees: $16,000 Per Year


Norwegian Film School also ranks among the Cheapest Film Schools In Europe, this institution is the oldest Film Academy in Norway, it was established in 1997.


Norwegian Film School offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film production.


The Tuition Fees for both the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts programs offered at this Institution are around $16,000 per year.


The Institution currently has over hundred (100) students, and over fifty-nine employees who spearhead several departments within the institution.


The Norwegian Film School presently has Two branch campuses located in Oslo and Lillehammer.


The School’s Campus at Lillehammer is for bachelor’s degree programs, whereas the School’s Campus at Oslo are for Master’s and P.h.d students.


Norwegian Film School is committed to enhancing Student’s capacity for Artistic reflection and personal reflection on their respective Field of Study.


Surprisingly all programs offered at the Norwegian Film School are full-time-based programs, which requires the in-person Attendance of Each participant.


Furthermore, the Norwegian Film School admits new students every two (2) years, and the supposed minimum Age to gain Acceptance into School’s Bachelor Degree program is Twenty-five (25) years.


Notwithstanding, the Bachelor of Film and Television Production offered at this Institution is expected to last for three (3) years, whereas the Duration for the Master of Fine Arts in Film Production is around Three (3) years. 


Visit The School’s Webpage


6.Aalto University Finland

  • Contact: +358 9 47001
  • School’s Address: Otakaari 24, 02150 Espoo, Finland
  • Tuition Fees:15,000 euros per Year


Aalto University also offers Affordable programs in Film production, the institution is one of the leading universities in Finland.


To be quite honest Aalto University is currently the only university offering Degree based Film program in Finland.


The Film production program offered at this Institution covers all aspects of Film production, and participants are also equipped with in-depth knowledge of performance design.


Nevertheless, the Tuition Fees for the Film and Television program offered at this Institution is around 15,000 euros per year.


Visit the School’s Webpage


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