Boarding Schools in Canada for Troubled Teens/Youths

As a troubled youth who has found himself in a downward spiral. Experiencing family conflict, negative peers, school suspensions, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, drug and alcohol abuse, and many more. You should be careful when selecting boarding schools in Canada for troubled teens/youths. In the other words, however, there are many schools in Canada for troubled youth which help curb insecurity around you.

To ease the process, change your environment. Switch new tracks by registering into a boarding school. I know it might be difficult to admit that you are indeed a troubled youth but many boarding schools specialize in helping youths break out of troubling attitudes and get moving in the right direction. Registering at a boarding school will prevent you from unnecessary harassment and attack from different people.

Hence, the educational sector in Canada has built standardized boarding schools filled with proficient teachers, a conducive environment, and learning facilities. As a troubled teen/youth, you have nothing to worry about. Thinking of the best boarding school in Canada; you don’t need to panic. In this article, we are going to list out the best boarding schools in Canada as a way to help you stop struggling and start succeeding in your academics.

Is Boarding School Good For Troubled Teens/Youth?

Of course, yes. Boarding school is good for troubled teens/youth. Most times they are recommended by medical practitioners. Boarding schools provide physical and academic support to those that are in need. Students in boarding school also learn how to balance a lot of activities while in school. The child develops and has a high sense of reasoning. In fact, they learn the basics of time management and how to balance their involvement in tasks.

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Boarding School for Troubled Teens/Youths

Selecting a boarding school could be confusing but there are certain factors you should check out for. Below are 6 factors you should consider before selecting any institution.

●    Location

Before you pick any school in Canada, check out the location. In fact, consider the area you prefer. Canada is a very big country with beautiful boarding schools. There are important things to check out in the location _ The distance and Safety. You have to consider if you would like to spend much on transport during break or if you prefer to stay closer to the house.

Similarly, you need to figure out how secure the place is. Remember, a troubled youth should be free from problems. So, you need to be very careful. Check out boarding schools that favor you both in distance and safety.

●    Cost

When considering the best boarding school in Canada, another important factor to consider is the cost of the school. Check out if they offer scholarship programs or financial aid. Most schools provide free accommodation for students while some are not free. It is in your hand to find out.

Look out for the cost of boarding in Canada, it is advised that you gain access to the latest fees schedule and look closely into every list of the costs. Ask yourself what the school fees encompass and what the school fees don’t include. Even some additional fees that are not accounted for in the annual fees (e.g. uniforms and recreational activities). You should also check out for amenities. Try to figure out if there are closer outlets or stores where you can purchase things if needed.

●     Ethos and Philosophy

Every boarding school will have its ethos and philosophy. They are ways by which their students are trained. The values and lifestyle learned in school are very important. You should check out this and the philosophy of the boarding school you want to register for.

However, you should be considering how they discipline their students. Also, check out if the school has any form of anti-bullying practice. The religion and support platforms should not be left out. All these will help you know about the school before you can register for it.

●    Staff Available

In boarding schools, another important person to look upon is the staff_ both the academic and non-academic staff. Put to mind that you are going to spend long days with them. Therefore, you need to consider that as well. Research about the teachers. Their knowledge of a particular subject matter, their relationship between the students and their parents, etc should be taken into consideration.

You must be prepared to trust them in providing you with valuable guidance and support at any period. They teach, care for and nurture, and secure students. As a troubled youth, you need to find out the kind of teachers available before you can apply to the school.

●    Academics

Another factor to consider when selecting a boarding school is its accreditation. You need to evaluate whether the school offers the courses you are applying for. You should be prepared to query whether the school will challenge and extend your capabilities. This may include looking into the presence of available courses, how grades are determined, and how assessments will be conducted. This will guide you on how you can prepare your mind for lessons.

Think about it, if you register for a boarding school where there is no specific focus on the right courses and resources available for you. Your ambitions might be cut off. For instance, you want to be a medical doctor. Since you are a troubled youth, you decided to register for a boarding school to be secure. Then you didn’t check out their courses on their website or their manuals. You will be left with no choice but to change course. Therefore, checking for academic programs is very advantageous.

●    Facilities

Any boarding school without adequate facilities is not worth it. Boarding students need enough facilities for proper comprehension of the subject and many effective reasons. You should consider the quality of the facilities available in the school.  Without a doubt, you need to note if the boarding school is secured, how neat the dormitory is, and many more. Check out their recreational ground, libraries, fitness center, music room, laboratories, etc. This will help you to know the kind of available facilities.

Now let’s look at the best boarding school for troubled youths.

Boarding Schools in Canada for Troubled Teens/Youths

There are many boarding schools for troubled youths. These schools offer room and board, a therapeutic environment, and specialized programs for any who have serious problems. After my intensive research, I was able to find out the five boarding schools you can apply to as a troubled youth. Below are the four schools you can put on your list.

1.   Venture Academy

Venture Academy is one of the best boarding schools on our list. They provide help for troubled teens/youths in Canada including troubled teens who are encountering family conflict, negative peers, school suspensions, and many more. They provide the necessary amenities and facilities for the students. They believe that individuals learn best in an environment that nurtures creativity and interest, broadening awareness of the world through observation, questioning, and testing of theories.

Truth be told, a strong learning environment is one in which students, with the aid of caring adults, have options in how, when, and where they learn. The learning environment is physically and emotionally protected. They have compassionate, supportive, and trusted teachers. Their curriculum is well coordinated and appropriate, relevant, and intellectually stimulating.

In Venture Academy, students have chances to individualize their instruction based on their ability levels and personal interest, through numerous school offerings. Teachers, parents, and students work to adjust the personalized plan as needed to ensure progress toward meeting educational goals. This makes the school very interesting and nice.

2.   Robert Land Academy (RLA)

This is the first boarding school on our list. The school was established in 1978 by G Scott Bowman.  Located in Wellandport, Ontario Canada. It is an elementary private boarding school. It’s an all-boys military school. The reason the school is preferred is that it is safe for any troubled teen/youth. They have professional teachers and an enticing and accommodating environment. Without a doubt, they have quality facilities available.

Since it is a military school, the students are taught about law and its maintenance.

It has a total of 160 students between Grade 5 and Grade 12. All registered students at the Academy live in military-style dormitories located on campus throughout the school year. So, you need to pack your food and other important things before you come. The barracks are named in tribute to famous military figures in pre-Confederation Canadian history. For instance, Major-General Isaac Brock was the leader of British forces at the Battle of Queens ton Heights during the War of 1812, Major John Butler was the leader of the irregular militia regiment named after him, and many more.

3.   Applewood Academy

This is a licensed therapeutic boarding school for students expecting personalized academic, and behavior-management solutions and clinics. The school has a conducive environment that meets the individual needs of its students. Every student succeeds through the assistance of the school.

As a troubled kid, boarding school is good for you. The grade accepted in the school is from 1- 12. It is a co-education (Boys and girls)/school. It is an English school that enrolls 30 boarding students, and 5-day students. You need to register in a supportive educational environment.

4.   St. Andrew College (SAC)

This is a private school for boys between the ages of 10-18 years old. They have both day and boarding students. The school was established in 1899. It was formerly located in Toronto, Canada. Today it is one of the largest and most prestigious Canadian schools for boys. The educational institution is very beautiful for international pupils. It creates room for non-Canadians to enroll. They have a high level of academic training.

Despite the same-sex type of training, the young men get regular leisure activities at the nearest women’s schools. They join them in various shows, parties, intellectual competitions, performances, sports, and buffets. The schools have proficient teachers who are willing to teach, nurture and take care of the students.


A troubled teen/youth should be secure from problems. You are expected to go beyond the mirror and select the best boarding school for troubled youth in Canada. Select schools with essential facilities, qualified teachers, and a conducive environment. Also put other factors into consideration, especially the price and location of the school.

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