Tuition Free Universities in Canada for international students in 2023

Many students love going to school but the only part of it is that they can’t afford the fees in school. 

In this article, we shall present to you the Tuition Free Universities in Canada for international students you can apply for. Canadian Universities have been identified as the universities which offer high productivity of education in the global world. In Other words, it is a home for the world’s greatest universities, which have contributed to the advancement of education. 

However,  many people are in pursuit of an incredible education. Universities in Canada offer excellent and sound education in physical and natural sciences, arts, business studies, and engineering

As an international student who wants to study at Canadian universities which are tuition-free, you are on the right page. These universities offer bachelor’s degrees, postgraduate degrees, and doctorates. So you are covered. One thing about these universities is that they don’t segregate. Anyone eligible to participate and benefit from the incredible academic benefits is admitted. 

Sincerely, there is no tuition-free university in Canada both for International or local students but all that is expected of you is to apply for their fully funded scholarship that will cover the cost of your academic pursuit throughout your stay in school. The Canadian government has done its best to motivate students by providing charitable groups, wealthy individuals, and academic institutions whose duty is to fund the scholarship of the merited students. 

Before we commence to list all the tuition-free universities in Canada, I would like to make you understand who an international student is. 

Who is an international student? 

As the name implies, an international student is an individual who is not studying in his country. They are otherwise called foreign students. However, they are students who are selected to embark on all or part of their tertiary education in another man’s country other than their own and move to that country for studying purposes. 

Most of these International Students get admission to a foreign country either by direct application or by scholarship. You may be paying living expenses as an international student if the scholarship doesn’t cover them. For more clarity, this scholarship that is fully funded is only the part of tuition fee.


Tuition Free Universities in Canada for international students in 2023

Tuition-free Universities in Canada for International students. 

Writing from intensive research, below are the schools tuition-free in Canada for International students

#1 University of British Columbia 

As a would-be International student, this university should be put into consideration because it is one of the universities that offers admission with free tuition.  The institution is one of the highest ranked higher education in the country, of Canada. It’s abbreviated as UBC. 

It has three characterized needs and merit-based scholarships provided by the school’s International Scholarship Programme (ISP). With the help of the government, you’re allowed to pursue a course in this university without worrying about the tuition fee. This is a result of the fully funded scholarship. One glad news about the scholarship is that it can be renewed after three years as long as you are qualified. 

#2 University of Toronto 

After intensive research, I discovered that this is the second university in Canada that offers tuition-free admission for international students. This institution is one of the universities which provides the Lester B. Pearson 

International Scholarship Programs. This program creates opportunities for the less privileged students or international students who couldn’t afford the University fees to get financial aid. 

At the University of Toronto, their scholarship program is completely funded which covers the tuition, recommended books, incidental expenses, and full accommodation support for the space of four years for the students who have passed the criteria. 

To be qualified for this scholarship program as an international student, you need to be intellectually alert, exhibit academic splendidness and leadership skills and you should be eager to learn to expand your minds. 

#3 University of Calgary 

This high institution provides both numerous government and privately financed scholarships. This alone made it to be included in the tuition-free universities in Canada. Remember, not all the scholarships are fully funded, some are partially financed whilst others are gotten from the fellowship, bursaries, and financial aid inclusively. 

If you want to graduate as an international student, going for Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships ( CGS) is highly recommended. This scholarship program from Vanier offers you a scholarship that will guarantee your education in Canada as an international student graduate with tuition free. 

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be a graduate and it is rejuvenated for three years after graduation. The University of Calgary is also one of the universities in Canada that has this kind of scholarship program. 

#4 University of Manitoba 

This is the fourth university in Canada that offers tuition free. To be honest, the University of Manitoba offers 2800+ scholarships and bursaries to both local and international students and it is worth more than 17 million CAD and 6 million CAD. However, around 1600 scholarships are granted to would-be undergraduate and postgraduate students, beginning their studies in Canada at the university.

This university’s fully financed scholarships 

are given both based on academic achievements and financial assistance. To be eligible for these benefits, study in a full-time degree program at the University. 

Sincerely, the University of Manitoba bids for various award vacancies like Entrance Awards, Scholarships for present students, bursaries, local Student Awards, International Student Awards, and Graduate Student Awards.  In addition, it also gives various financial aids in support of students facing monetary difficulties. 

#5 Concordia University 

This University joined the list of tuition-free universities in Canada by providing a newly constituted full flight grant called the Presidential Scholarship. The scholarship is renewable for four years if the applicant meets the renewal requirements

However, the presidential scholarship is only obtainable for international students pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Not only that, students who have leadership capability, academic accomplishments or successes, and the intention to improve the global world are candidates qualified for the scholarship. 

#6 Carleton University 

This is one of the lists of universities in Canada, where you can earn your bachelor’s degree for free because of the foreign admission rewards provided for International students. The students eligible for this reward are first-time students. 

There is doubt that the school extends the renewal of the scholarship for three years if the student meets the renewal criteria. 

#7 University of Waterloo 

In Canada, this is one of the top-rated tuition-free universities for international students. You might be wondering why this university is also included as one of the tuition-free universities in Canada, read down below. 

This institution provides two completely financed International Student Scholarships. The first scholarship is from the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Scholarship seconded by the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship. These scholarships are offered to students in master’s and bachelor’s degree graduates until they are done with their program. 

#8 York University 

York University is also included because it is a prestigious Canadian University that offers various scholarship programs for international students. This scholarship allows students who are experiencing financial hardship never to get bothered about how to fund their fees. 

There are three completely supported scholarship programs at York University, the Automatic Entrance Award, the International Entrance Scholarship of Distinction, and the Global Leaders of Tomorrow Award for International students. 

#9 Southern Alberta Institute of Technology  

You can’t mention the list of tuition-free Universities in Canada for international students without putting the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology into consideration. This is because higher education keeps about $5,000,000 each year for international student scholarships across any program. However, the students eligible for their offer are the International students who ascertain educational distinction, financial assistance, involvement in society including other positive areas of accomplishment and support. 

In addition, the good thing about the scholarship in this institution is that it is renewable for up to four years provided that you meet their renewal requirements., In a nutshell, as an international student, you can pursue any course of your choice at the university for free. 

#10 Saint Mary’s university 

For International students pursuing undergraduate degree programs, you don’t need to bother about how to afford the tuition fee of this university because it is free. This school awards up to eight different scholarships yearly for interested International Students. 

This scholarship is offered to first-timers who have excelled academically and demonstrated a financial necessity. Since the scholarship can be renewed, you can renew it when you meet the renewal credibility. 

Aside from these mentioned universities, some universities are also tuition-free in Canada for International students.

#11 Mount royal university 

This is one of the universities that offer hundreds of financial awards to new and continuing international students in the form of scholarships, bursaries, and other prizes. Similarly, the University Mount is also eligible for external awards. And they include the following: 

  • Writing awards: These grants identify excellent writing generated by students of English, Creative Writing, and Film Studies. 
  •  Literary Kaleidoscope Society Award: This acknowledges excellent accomplishment in creative writing produced by full-time students majoring in English. 
  • Drs Carla and Melvin Pasternak Award: This award comprehends exceptional attainment in original poetry (even springs) and poetry criticism (odd springs) by full-time students in any program. Application form for the Pasternak Award.

And many others. 

Eligible criteria to become an international student in Canada 

As an international student, you don’t just get admission by magic. There are certain things you must possess to be eligible for admission. 

  1. You have to understand the requirements. To apply to a Canadian education institution successfully requires an awareness of various requirements for schools and the courses they offer. Browse online or make inquiries concerning the school. 
  2. You have to select your Course and Institution. As an international student, selecting an institution is to ascertain as its status as a Designated Learning Institution. Only DLIs can admit foreign students.
  3. You need to take the Language Proficiency Test. This facilitates your successful gain entry into Canada. As an international student, it’s very important that you have proven proficiency in English or French. Once you pass this test, you are at a high opportunity of getting admitted. 
  4. Apply to Universities. Here, you contact your shortlist of universities, obtain their application packs, and submit them well in advance. Having the intention of applying to a dozen universities can be advantageous. However, be critical when filling in the application form and make sure you provide accurate information backed with documentary evidence. 
  5. You should apply for a Study Permit. You can apply online or visit your local visa application center. Your application must be supported by the acceptance fee. Feeling relaxed after applying for international universities will make you not to be aware of the academic process of your chosen university. 
  6. Check out the travel time. Immediately after the application has been processed comes an interview, if needed, has been conducted. An immigration officer has to decide upon your study permit application. If accepted, it is now time to start planning your travel to Canada. Remember that your permit will have a start date, which is the date from which the permit comes into force. Keep in mind that you won’t be permitted to enter Canada before this date. Plan your travel appropriately. 

Final words 

International students have been given opportunities to further their education in Canada without wondering about the tuition fee. The above-mentioned universities offer sound education and are willing to admit students into their schools. 

As a student, it’s necessary to note down those institutions and their eligible requirements. Go to the one that offers your course. Remember that no university in Canada is tuition free. All the support are gotten from the completely financed scholarship programs offered by the school. And those scholarships are renewable as long as you merit the renewing criteria. 

Canadian Universities are highly ranked educational institutions in the global world. The reason is that in teaching learning standards, they are doing very great. So as an international student, you have nothing to worry about. All that is expected of you is to merit the scholarship and you will be your tuition fee will be completely financed. 

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