Best Universities for Social Work in Canada

Canadian university students have a high range of employment after graduation. For this reason, students who find universities in Canada qualitative enough to study their preferred courses should try to graduate with good grades. However,  if you’re studying social work or trying to study social work in one of the best universities for social work in Canada, then the odds are in your favor. 

There are many universities in Canada but has different standards of learning, quality education, a conducive environment, and so many positive attributes. So it is up to you to select the best university of your choice. 

One of the reasons for going to the best university to study your preferred course is to be given a quality education. 

In a nutshell, pursuing a social work degree will increase your perfection that is fit for careers that employ varying numerous situations and an effective workday.

The reason for this article is to list out the best universities in Canada where you can study social work and graduate as a competent student and also with good grades. 

I can not continue with this topic without explaining what social work as a course entails. 

What is social work? 

Social work is one of the courses in high institutions found in the faculty of Social Sciences. It’s a course that surveys and encourages the excellence of the lifetime of persons and therefore the success of society. In alternative words, welfare work covers the information regarding the event of humans and community, the administration, policy, human interaction, and therefore the impact of social, political, and psychological aspects upon our society.

Can I become a social worker?

Yes is the answer. However, you cannot simply become a social worker. A social worker is best practiced after you have previous work experiences that are connected with social work. It would be nice if you’ve got previous work expertise in areas concerning welfare work.

As a public servant, there are unit jobs you must venture on like correcting homes that have pitfalls, nursing youngsters, rendering charity or voluntary services, establishing health care establishments, and lots of alternative connected job opportunities. It is a course which surveys and encourages the excellence of life of persons and the success of the society. In other words, social work encompasses the knowledge about the development of humans and communities, the administration, social policy, human interaction, and the impact of social, political, and psychological aspects upon our society. 

A Social worker is a person that takes care of social-related issues like intimidation, marginalization, and mistreatment. This is achieved through counseling, psychotherapy, and policy administration. Furthermore, as a social worker, your professional duties are aimed at improving assets and social justice. 

Factors to consider when studying social work in Canada 

  1. Academic standards: One of the reasons students prefer the best universities is because of their standard of learning. No one wants to spend money on schools that can’t renovate their hidden abilities or potential for a particular course. Before selecting any university, try to check out their learning standards. 
  2. Interest: Selecting the University or course doesn’t matter much. Your interest is paramount. Before you pursue any course like social work in Canada, try to find out if you love the course or not.  Don’t select it because your friend has chosen it as well. Similarly, selecting a university also falls on this aspect. Go for the universities that favor your surveys. 
  3. Specialization: All universities in Canada have their areas of specialization. Every school has its accreditation. Before you apply for any course in your preferred school, check out if they offer social work as a course. 
  4. Intelligence:  Human beings have different understanding approaches and levels of intelligence. Before selecting social work as a course, try to figure out if your knowledge can carry the information.  Ensure your intelligent capacity in that course and know your fate before you apply. 
  5. Tuition fee: Selecting the best university for your course is very good but I suggest you go for the one you can afford. It is quite certain that the best universities are always expensive since they offer the best on all grounds of service. But their tuition fees are not equal. Choose the best tuition fee that works well for you. 
  6. Location: This factor should be taken into consideration when selecting the best university to study social work. Most people do prefer close universities while so prefer them very far. But going for the one that favors you is the best. 

All these factors shouldn’t be taken for granted while applying to study social work at any of the best universities below. 

Best Universities for Social Work in Canada

Best Universities for social work in Canada

Here are some of the best universities in Canada for social work:

  1. University of Windsor 

This is one of the best universities to study social work. The School of Social Work in the university aims at promoting social justice through advocacy, quality professional education, community partnerships, and the advancement and dissemination of knowledge through inquiry.  For this reason, students learn to critically comprehend the past, purposes, and constraints of crucial social welfare policies.

  1. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto has been found as one of the best high institutions in Canada. It offers a high standard of learning to its students. As a would-be student to study social work in the universities in Canada. I suggest you select the University of Toronto. Many students have testified much on the academic standard of the university. This University has excellent records of research that are connected with social work. This scholarship is renewable as long as you merit it. Immediately after you are admitted into that institution, you are given numerous discipline areas, which include the following :

  • The qualitative methods
  • Sociology of Crime and Law
  • Political Sociology
  • Social Networks
  • Quantitative Methods, etc. 

All these many specializations given to the students in the school create job opportunities for them after graduation. 

  1. Laurentian University 

This institution aims to teach social workers who can correlate significant estimations to react to those who need assistance to facilitate social change, problem-solving, and improve the general well-being of individuals, groups, communities, and society. Therefore, studying social work at Laurentian University will help you know the foundation of the course and how it can be practiced. 

  1. University of British Columbia 

This University is one of the best courses you’ll be able to study and graduate with a wonderful result and have the sensible side of the course. However, it’s called the universal headquarters for teaching, learning, research, and education. The foremost attention-grabbing excellent news concerning the university is that it has to the scholars the domestic and international right setting. UBC Sociology’s analysis and teaching specializations fall in seven broad areas, with several college members following their addition comparatively and internationally.

  1. University of the Fraser Valley (UFV)

Pursuing your undergraduate studies in the development of social work will prepare you to cooperate with persons, families, organizations, and neighborhoods in different habitats and cultural settings. So, students are allowed to practice what they have learned which is reflecting principles of social justice, equality, and respect for diversity. 

  1. McGill University

McGill University contains a long tradition of success, being one of Canada’s known institutions. The Department of social work of McGill University is systematically hierarchical among the departments within the world. Through the Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy programs, you’re offered many areas of specialization wherever you’ll be able to gain explicit substantive experience. In addition, the Department of social science offers a minor, major, honors, and joint honors programs for college men students.

  1. Simon Fraser University 

Simon Fraser University could be a very good university — rising peoples’ lives through the ability of data, advocacy, and engagement. What makes Simon Fraser distinctive is that the knowledge domain joint social science and the department of anthropology. This department provides a longtime and distinctive program for college and graduate studies. By being a student of this department, you may have expertise in rigorous foundational and disciplinary coaching.

  1. University of city

The University of City ranks 88th among the world’s prime universities, principally for its analysis activities. Likewise, the Department of Social work could be a place of coaching and analysis. The professors of this department area unit perpetually through the ability of data, advocacy, and engagement. What makes Simon Fraser distinctive is that the knowledge domain joint social work and the department of anthropology. This department provides a longtime and distinctive program of the institution and graduate studies. 

  1. McMaster University

This university is committed to making a brighter future. McMaster University is among the highest a hundred universities in the world. McMaster’s Department of social work contains a dynamic analysis program. You may discover and study people and teams in burdened behaviors. The chair of the academic department offers analysis centered on social and political modification because it relates to physiological property. This includes social movements, policies, dynamic attitudes, and social and institutional support for LGBTQ folks.

  1. Western University 

This is one of the best universities where you can study social work. Their goals and objectives are to promote professional practice in the dynamic and developing career of social work. As a social worker, your practicality is related to people, households, groups, and communities.

In case you need the subjects found under social work in Western University, they include social work management practice, social welfare policy, Human Behavior, and the Lifespan, Cultural Diversity and Justice, Social Work Case Management Practice, and many others that are yet to be accredited. 

In addition, Western University delivers a teaching and learning environment depicted by excellence in social work education. This excellency is directed towards formulating and fostering principled and qualified experienced practitioners who acknowledge the inter-relatedness of human needs, and many others. 

  1. University of Waterloo

Aside from other universities, the University of Waterloo offers sound learning standards when it comes to social work. They aim at 

equipping a new era of practitioners, investigators, and transition agents through theory and practice vacancies to promote the communal interest and well-being of all individuals and facilitate human rights and social justice. However, with the efforts of the University, they’re able to differentiate themselves through a skills-oriented approach to social work practice. In addition, the teaching and learning process in the institution is both online and on campus and online.

12. University of Calgary 

This high institution has the experience to know your requirements to become a professional in social work and secure employment. In fact, a year spent at the university will grant you the opportunity to build a solid foundation in social work. 

Not only do you build this foundation, but you can focus on a discipline area of your choice. The University of Calgary prepares you to be employment ready. 

Other universities include: 

  • Ryerson University 
  • University of Ottawa 
  • Carleton University 
  • University of Regina 
  • The University of Manitoba, etc. 

Requirements for social work in Canada 

Social work is one of the competitive courses as long as there are varieties of opportunities for employment after graduation. For this reason, students are not admitted into any of the above-mentioned universities. The choice for the Social Work Programme is highly competitive. Due to the high standards assigned for academic and professional development. 

There are basic requirements for social work before you can be admitted. 

Below are the requirements: 

  • He is expected to reach a minimum of 60% (level 5) or higher in English.
  • An applicant must have an AP score of 30 points before he or she will be guaranteed admission. This will create room for a higher probability of being selected for the program.
  • He must have an accomplishment level of 5 (60%) or higher in the subject. Orientation is required to score a maximum of 1 point.
  • His matric certificate must indicate that he is qualified for admission to a Bachelor’s degree.

Final words 

Many universities offer social work as a course. We have outlined the best schools to study social work in Canada. They’re the University of Windsor, the University of Toronto, and the rest of them. These universities provide sound education to their candidates. 

Also, there are requirements for students who want to study social work, just check it out and work towards it. 

I wish you success.

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