5 Most Cheapest High Schools In Canada For International Students

We understand your interest, in knowing some of the Cheapest High Schools In Canada For International Students, and we sincerely believe this Article will satisfy you interest to the fullest.

Through this article, you will get to see some of the Affordable Educational options when it comes to High School Education in Canada.

With the current Economic Downtown, it’s indeed advisable you enroll your wards in institutions that Fit your Financial Budget.

Oftentimes, we tend to believe Education in Canada is expensive, whereas there are several Affordable Educational options in Canada, ranging from Elementary school, High School, to Higher institutions.

However, our major aim in this Resource is to expose you to some of the top Canadian Secondary Schools you could afford without breaking the bank.

I will provide you with details on the locations, fees, Contacts, and the list of programs offered by these Canadian Secondary Schools.

I suggest you go through each of the Highlighted Schools in this blog post with Keen, so as to know which school suits your Financial Status.

The Quality of Education offered by the Highlighted High Schools in this blog post is Top-notch, irrespective of their Cheap Tuition Fees.

Without wasting time, Let’s have a detailed review of the Cheapest High Schools In Canada For International Students.

Is high school free in Canada for immigrants?

Immigrant students who are permanent residents in Canada are privileged to study in Canadian public Secondary Schools for Free.

International Students without permanent residency Status will need to pay tuition fees to attend any Canadian Public Secondary School.

However, some cases are Exceptional, for instance, international students on grants or Scholarships might not be required to pay any Tuition Fees, during the course of their High School Education in Canada.

Notwithstanding, there are some specific regions that are suitable for immigrant students who have no permanent residency status in Canada, based on the Affordable High Schools situated in these Regions.

Places like British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are among the most Affordable Educational destinations for International Students without Permanent residency Status in Canada, the aforementioned regions have cheap Institutions.

What is the cheapest school in Canada for international students?

In this Section, I will be pointing out the top Five(5) most Cheapest Institutions in Canada, with respect to their Tuition Fees.

1. University of Fredericton

This Canadian University is among the Cheapest University in Canada, Tuition Fees for Bachelor Studies at this Institution is around $5,354 CAD.

2. Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Comes Next on our list, the Tuition Fees for most of the Bachelor Programs offered at this Polytechnic range between $ 3,464 CAD to $8,075 CAD per year.

3. North Island College

North Island College is among the most Affordable College options in Canada, the Tuition Fee at this Canadian College is around $5,764 per year.

4. Holland College

Holland College is among the most affordable Community Colleges in Canada, this institution is Located in Prince Edward Island Canada, and the tuition fees per year at this College is around $8,649 CAD. 

5. Booth University College

The Winnipeg Based University College is also among the Cheapest Institutions In  Canada, the institution’s Tuition Fees for Bachelor Studies ranges between $8,141 to $9,051 CAD

What is the age limit for high school in Canada?

From experience, students between the Ages of twelve(12) to thirteen(13) are fit for high school Education in Canada.

Which province in Canada is most affordable for international students?

The City of Quebec seems to be one of the most Affordable places to live in Canada, the cost of living in Quebec is quite Cheaper than some top Cities limke Toronto, Alberta, Manitoba etc.

Notwithstanding the Cost of accommodation at Quebec is indeed Cheaper compared to some other Canadian, the Average cost of Accommodation at Quebec is around $468,300.

How much does high school cost for international students in Canada?

The Cost of High School Education in Canada depends on the type of School i.e. Private, Public, or boarding, and also the province which the School is situated.

Public Secondary Schools in Canada are the most Cheapest, Hey tend to Charge between $4,000 to $8,000 CAD per year.

Whereas, Privately owned High Schools in Canada are more Expensive than the Public ones, Thier Tuition ranges between $4,000 to $26,000 CAD per year.

Above all, the most Expensive Canadian High School are institutions with world class Boarding Facility, a good number of this Canadian Secondary Schools with Boarding Facility Charges between $24,000 to $47,000 CAD per year.

I Encourage you to visit the Webpage of your most preferred High School in Canada, so as to gain Clarity on their Tuition Fees.

Cheapest High Schools In Canada For International Students

Welcome  Back, Let’s Get to see some of the Most Cheapest High Schools In Canada For International Students, Do well to read through Carefully we got you Covered.

  • Columbia International College
  • Rosseau College
  • Brookes Shawnigan Lake
  • Bodwell High School
  • Ridley College

1. Columbia International School

  • Tuition Fees: $18,900 to $25,500
  • Address: Main St W, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • Phone: +1 905-572-7883

First on our list of the Cheapest High Schools in Canada For International Students, is the prestigious Columbia International School.

Columbia International School offers Affordable Secondary School Education to International Students, the range of Fees at this Canadian High School is between $18,900 to $25,500 per session.

Columbia International School is an Ontario-based Secondary School, the Institution’s main Campus is Situated in Hamilton, this Institution is also among the list of Accredited Secondary Schools under the Independent School of Associations of Ontario.

This Canadian High School is perfect for International in search of Affordable Facilities, Columbia International School is currently the Largest Boarding Secondary School in Canada.

As a world-class Boarding Secondary School in Canada, its boarding fees range between $6,000 to $10,000 per session.

Surprisingly Columbia International School is a privately owned High School in Canada, it was established in 1979.

The Curriculum used by this high School offers a level playing ground to International Students, irrespective of their Country of Origin, the institution has international Students from over hundred(100) countries of the world.

Columbia International School has top-notch facilities to aid students in Extracurricular Activities Aside from Schooling, the Institution has a well-equipped Gym Center, to help assist Students in maintaining Fitness.

Visit School’s Page

2. Rosseau College

  • Tuition Fees:$74,900
  • Address:1967 Bright St, Rosseau, ON P0C 1J0, Canada
  • Phone:  +1 705-732-4351

Rosseau College is also among the Cheapest High Schools In Canada for International Students, the Institution was founded in 1967.

The Institution is Located in Rosseau, Rosseau College is actually among the top Cities in Ontario Canada.

Rousseau College is a Boarding Secondary School, the Institution Offers Affordable Boarding Services to International Students.

Boarding Students at Rosseau College pay around $74,900 yearly for their studies, this includes both Accommodation and Tuition Fees.

The Institution is also Suitable for Day Students, enrolling as a Boarding Student in this Institution is quite optional, you could become a Day Student, depending on the proximity of your House.

Surprisingly Aside from the Cheap Tuition Fees offered by this College, the Institution provides tuition Assistance to 25% of its students yearly.

The Supposed Tuition Assistance provided by the School is as a result of the Yearly contribution received from the Alumni, Parents, Faculty, and staff of the School, raising about $400,000 yearly to support students who are on scholarships every year.

One Distinctive feature of Rosseau College is the Small class Sizes, for Every Class at Rosseau College there are about 18 students.

To help guide and Counsel Students at Rousseau College there is one Faculty member paired with every Five(5) students at Rousseau College.

Visit the School webpage To Learn more about the list of Programs offered at Rousseau College Canada.

Visit School Page

3. Brookes Shawnigan Lake School

  • Tuition Fees:$10,290 to $17,750 per year.
  • Address: Brookes Westshore,1939, Sooke Road, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Phone:  +12509290506

Brookes Shawnigan Lake School also Known as Brookes Westshore is also among the most Affordable Secondary Schools in Canada.

This Institution is one of the best Secondary Schools in British Columbia, Canada, the institution was founded in 2007.

Brookes Shawnigan Lake School is suitable for both Boarding and Day Students, he Institution has Affordable Boarding Facilities.

Through this High School international students can secure admission into most of the top universities in the world.

This is Because Brookes Westshore has 100% Acceptance rate to top Universities like the likes of University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of British Columbia, McMaster University, McGill University, University of Toronto, University of Victoria, University of Waterloo etc.

Notwithstanding, this Canadian High School is actually an International Baccalaurette school for boys and Girl, aside from the conventional Education taught, Brookes Westshore also teaches on how to be great, responsible, and become good member of the Society.

However, the Tuition Fees for Day students within Grade four (4) to Five (5) is around $10,290, while students at Grade 6 to 10 pay around $15,580 per session.

Students at Grade eleven (11) and twelve (12) pay more, Thier tuition fees is around $17,750 per Session.

Visit The School Webpage

4.Bodwell High School

  • Phone: +1 604-998-1000
  • Address: 955 Harbourside Dr, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3S4, Canada
  • Tuition Fees$:29,500 to $31,500 per session.

Fourth on our list of the Cheapest High Schools In Canada For International Students,is the prestigious Bodwell High School Canada.

Bodwell High School is a priovately owned Boarding Secondary School situated in North Vancouver,British Columbia, Canada.

The is one of the oldest High School in British Columbia,the institution was established in 1991,the School currently offers High School Education to students between Grade Eight(8) to Grade Twelve(12).

Surprisingly the Boarding Facility at this Canadian High School has the Capacity to Accommodate only 250 Boys and Girls.

At the School Boarding House there is an Onsite Nursing Team, the supposed Nursing Team ensures every students are Hale and hearty.

For Every Academic Session at Bodwell High School Canada, each students will be required to take up to eleven(11) courses per Academic Session.

Bodwell High school Canada, provides student the opportunity to begin their University journey right from High School through it’s Advanced Placement course Accredited by the US Board.

At the Advanced Placement Course Offering,each students will offer a course that is related to thier prefered program in the university,this will sincerely aid them in gainig Acceptance into thier prefered University anywhere in the world.

International students at Bodwell High School are also engage in extra-curricular Activities in Althletics and Arts.

The Tuition Fees at this Institution ranges between $29,500 to $31,500 per session,the tuition fees for international students is Around $31,500 per session,whereas canadian students pay close to $29,500 yearly.

Visit School’s Webpage

5.Ridley College

  • Tuition Fees: $25,875 to $39.500 per Academic Sesion. 
  • Address:2 Ridley Rd, St. Catharines, ON L2R 7C3, Canada
  • Phone:+1 905-684-1889

Last on our list of the Cheapest High Schools In Canada For International Students,is Ridley Coolege.

Ridley College is also among the Cheapest Private Day and Boarding School in Canada,the institution campus is situated in Ontario,Canada.

Ridley College was established in 1889,the institution currently has close to Eight hundred Students in Attendance.

Ther Tuition fees for Day SDtudents At Ridley College ranges between $25,875 to $39.500 per Academic Sesion. 

Whereas boarding students tend to pay more,the basic Fees for Boarding Students at this Institution ranges between $69,950 to $79,250 yearly.

Ridley College is Acually one of the Biggest High School in Canada,the institution has a 90-acre land in the Heart of Niagara Region,Ontario Canada.

Visit School’s Webpage

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