List Of Vocational Training Courses In Germany

Are you interested in Acquiring in-demand skills and Knowledge, that would open you up to opportunities, if so our List of Vocational Training Courses In Germany will be Suitable for you.

In this Resource, we will review some of the highly-rated vocational programs offered by top institutions in Germany.

Vocational programs are one of the best routes to acquire lucrative skills quickly, irrespective of your work schedule or Field of study.

Vocational programs are quite Flexible,well-centered, and practical-focused, they are indeed suitable for working individuals who are keen on Acquiring new skills, to help boost their earning power.

Enrolling in a Fully-Fledged Vocational program would honestly make you indispensable in today’s Job market, provided you are well-grounded in your supposed Skill or Craft.

Notwithstanding, the German Ecosystem seems to be one of the suitable destinations for Acquiring top-notch vocational skills.

The Country has a good number of Vocational Schools offering well-articulated vocational programs that would aid each participant in becoming Job-ready upon completion.

We would List each of these vocational programs, highlighting their importance, the institutions offering them, and also their Job prospects.

Ensure you go through the List of Vocational Training Courses In Germany carefully, to Know which program suits your interests and goals, without Further Ado let’s dive deep, we got you covered.

How Many Vocational Trainings Are There In Germany?

According to the reports obtained from Study in Germany, there are about sixty-eight(68) German Universities offering Vocational Training programs.

These sixty-eight (68) German Universities offer a total of three hundred and seventy(370) Vocational training programs.

Is Vocational Training In Germany Free?

Yes, Dual Vocational Training programs, which offer class-based theoretical teachings and on-the-job work experience are free in Germany.

From Experience, most participants of Dual-based vocational programs in Germany spend close to two days in class and also spend close to three days offering their services to Companies.

Most dual-based vocational programs are Financed by the German Government, to help produce skilled professionals that will fit into the German Job Markets.

Nevertheless, Some Dual-based Vocational Programs are sponsored by some Companies in Germany, to help train workers who would fit into some specific roles in the company.

What Is The Age Limit For Vocational Training In Germany?

The minimum age required to Participate in any Vocational Training in Germany is Sixteen(16) years.

vocational training is suitable for individuals of Flexible age who are interested in acquiring more skills, young individuals with School leaving Certificates could also leverage on Vocational training to acquire more knowledge and experience related to their field of study.

Vocational Training Program In Germany?

Vocational Training in Germany can either be company-based or School-based, School-based vocational programs are popularly referred to as “Schulishe Ausbildung” in the German Language, whereas the German name for Company-based Vocational Programs is “Duale Ausbidung”.

The School-based Vocational Training in Germany also Known as Schulishe Ausbildung is taught in a Classroom setting, participants of this type of vocational training program, will need to Acquire more practical Experience outside School on their own Accord.

Furthermore, The company-based vocational training program also known as dual-based vocational training offers both in-class training and in- Job Practical work Experience to its Participants.

Participants of the company-based Vocational training(Duale Ausbidung) program in Germany will study completely for free, they also tend to receive monthly Salaries from the companies where they offer their services.

Individuals participating in Dual-based vocational training in Germany will receive a direct posting to Jobs, after the completion of their Vocational Training program in Germany.

Time Duration

From Experience, most German-based Vocational Training programs last between Two (2) to Three (3) years.


There are series of certifications or Qualifications received by participants of Vocational training programs in Germany.

These certifications are internationally recognized, they are Formal proofs of your acquired skills.

Graduates of vocational programs must prove their worthiness in practice, irrespective of the vocational certification received from any German-based institution.

Some of the Popular certifications awarded to Vocational training Graduates in Germany Include Trade Proficiency Certificate, Berufsschule certification, Journeyman Diploma, Europass Certification e.t.c.

List Of Vocational Training Courses In Germany

Welcome back, let’s get to see the Finest List of Vocational Training Courses In Germany, do well to go through each of the Highlighted courses carefully, we got you covered.

  • Aircraft Mechanic At GELUTEC Germany
  • Aircraft Electronic Technician At GELUTEC
  • Child Care Training At Wittelsbacher Land Vocational School
  • Biology Lab Technician At University of Hohenheim
  • Information Technology Specialist At University of Hohenheim
  • Boat Builder At University of Munich
  • Electronic Engineer For Device And System At University Munich
  • Fish Farming At University of Munich

1. Aircraft Mechanic At GELUTEC Germany

  • Course Duration: three and half years

The First Vocational program on our List of Vocational Training Courses In Germany is the Aircraft Mechanic program offered at GELUTEC Germany.

GELUTEC Germany is actually one of the Leading Vocational schools in Germany, the institution offers top-notch vocational programs that are related to Health, Engineering, and Aviation.

The Aircraft Mechanic program offered by GELUTEC provides comprehensive training on how to maintain, produce, and repair aircraft.

Participants of the Aircraft Mechanic program can work in any Aircraft manufacturing or Supplier company.

Furthermore, participants of this program will also learn how to work on aircraft drive and Energy supply systems.

This Vocational program is divided into three specific Areas which include maintenance technology, Engine Technology, and Manufacturing Engineering, ensure you visit the Course’s official webpage to learn more about this program.

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2. Aircraft Electronic Technician At GELUTEC

  • Course duration: Three and a Half years.

The Aircraft Electronic Technician Program is also on our List of Vocational Training Courses In Germany.

This Vocational program provides in-depth training on how to activate electronic devices and systems in Aircraft.

Participants of this Vocational Program will receive personalized instructions on how to Analyze electronic components and systems, carry out tests and measurements, correct technical Parameters, and replace detective elements or systems.

Aircraft Electronic Technicians are in charge of the complete installation of Electric components in a new aircraft that is under construction.

A well-skilled Aircraft Electronic Technician can work in an Aircraft manufacturing company, they can also offer their services in repair and maintenance workshops of Airlines and Airports.

Course Overview

  • Robotics
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Network Technology
  • Data Security
  • PLC Programming

Visit the Course Official page

3. Child Care Training At Wittelsbacher Land Vocational School

  • Course Duration: Two Years

Do you wish to become a certified child caregiver in Germany, if yes this vocational program will be perfect for you.

Wittelsbacher Land Vocational School happens to be one of the leading Vocational Schools for Childcare in Germany.

This Childcare vocational program will educate participants on how to nurture children, participants of this vocational program can work as nannies.

Notwithstanding The Child Care Training At Wittelsbacher Land Vocational School is a completely free program, no tuition, registration, or examination fee is required.

Do well to visit the official webpage of Wittelsbacher Land Vocational School to know more about the Child Care Training program.

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4. Biology Lab Technician At University of Hohenheim

  • Course Duration:2.5 to 3 years

Next on our List of Vocational Training courses in Germany is the Biology Lab Technician offered at the University of Hohenheim, Germany.

Participants of the Biology Lab Technician program offered at the University of Hohenheim will receive training from all departments of the University, to get familiar with each department.

Graduates of this Program will receive in-depth training on how to Conduct, plan and check the tasks given to them.

Surprisingly, Graduates of this Vocational program are deemed fit to apply for open positions at the University of Hohenheim, the school often employs Graduates of this program as permanent employees.To know more about this vocational program Visit the Highlighted webpage below.

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5. Information Technology Specialist At University of Hohenheim

  • Course Duration:Three(3) Years

The Information Technology Specialist program offered by University of Hohenheim is also among the best Vocational Courses in Germany.

Participants of this Vocational program will be adequately educated on System integration, Communication engineering, digital information processes, digital information processes, and Media Management.

Notwithstanding, the Information Technology Specialist Program offered at University of Hohenheim, is a dual-based vocational training program.

Participants of this Dual-based vocational training program will have to attend classes at University of Hohenheim every Two weeks, for close to six(6) to seven(7) times in every School year.

Some of the major topics Trainees of this Program will gain in-depth knowledge on include information Systems, IT Infrastructure, Business, Finance, IT Security Management, IT Support,Clienet, and Identity management e.t.c.

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6. Boat Builder At University of Munich

  • Course Duration: Three-and-a-half years

Are you interested in Becoming a Professional Boat Builder,if yes this Vocational program,will honestly be suitable for you.

This Program is among the most sought after Vocational programs offered by the prestigious University of Munich, Germany.

Students of thiks Vocational program will be Equipped with necessary Knowledge and skill to build rowing Boat,Sailboats,Fishing boats,and motor and sailing Yatcht.

Aside from teaching participants on how to construct boat, the Boat Building course at University of Munich also teaches students how to build Badges, and commercial vehicles for all forms of maritime-related shipping.

Course Overview

  • Manufacturing Boat Super structures
  • Manufacturing Boat of Different Specific Designs
  • Application of Technical Documents
  • Marking
  • Sawing
  • Drilling
  • How to Carry out repairs, conversions,and Overhauls
  • How to Transport and Store Boats
  • Soldering
  • Welding and Plastering of Boat. 

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7.Electronic Engineer For Device And System At University Munich

  • Course Duration:3.5 years

 The Engineer for Device and System offered by University of Munich is another outstanding Vocational program in Germany.

Participants of this Program will learn how to manufacture Electronic devices and Systems, this program also equips students with first-hand Knowledge on how to create circle boards and also how to assemble Components.

Furthermore this Vocational program also educates students on how to properly arrange production processes, participants of the program will learn how to set-up production and testing machines that are involved in Quality Assurance.

Nevertheless the Electronic Engineer For Device and System offered at University of Munich is a Dual-based vocational training program, participants spend certain days learning in class and some days of the week in Gaining in-Job Experience while working in Companies.

Visit the Course official Page for more Detailed information, so as to know if the Course or program suits your interest as an Individual.

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8.Fish Farming At University of Munich

  • Course Duration:3 Years

Another Outstanding Vocational Program in our List of Vocational Training Courses In Germany is the Fish Farming program offered at University of Munich.

This Vocational program, is a Foundational training course on Fish Farming, this course covers areas like Fish Propagation, Fish breeding, Dish Fattening, Pond Farming etc.

Students of this program are majorly being taught and trained at the Chair of Aquatic System Biology, the Chair of Aquatic System Biology has it’s own Fish farm, were students receive practical-based teachings.

Notwithstanding the Fish Farming program offered at University of Munich, is actually a Research-centric program.

From Experience most participants of this engage more on researches that has to do with Ecology and Production of Fish and Water bodies.

Course Overview 

  • Fishing and Fisheries Production 
  • Animal Health and Hygiene
  • Fish Breeding
  • Rearing of Fish
  • Processing of Fish
  • Transporting and Marketing of Fish
  • Treating of Fish Diseases
  • Maintenance of Fishing Gear

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What Vocational Jobs Are In Demand In Germany?

  • Electrical Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Marine Engineer
  • Carpentry
  • Civil Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Transport Workers
  • Robotic Engineer
  • Craftmanship
  • Care Givers
  • Nursing

What Is Vocational Training In Germany?

These are Training programs offered by top German Institutions, the sole aim of these programs is to equip individuals with in-demand practical Skills that would perfectly fit the German Labor Market.

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