Best Corporate Law Universities in Canada in 2023

Canada is famous as one of the wealthiest countries in North America and the world at large. However, this is not the only thing it is famous for. It is a modern nation and is a destination for people that are looking to get good quality education. Well, beyond the mere fact that people visit Canada because of the quality of education they can get, it is also a place for people that are looking to practice law in various aspects.

Canada is an English and French speaking country. So, language should not be a barrier for a good number of people that are looking to study in Canada. This is because these languages are widely spoken.

 A degree in law is one that a lot of people look forward to acquiring. This is perhaps because it is associated with a successful career. While it is generally believed that a career in law is synonymous to a successful life, the university you attend while studying law should not be swept under the carpet. Some are better than others.

There are various aspects of law. In very much the same way as there are different aspects of law, there are universities in Canada that are better suited for people looking to study a particular form of law.

If you live in Canada and want to study corporate law or reside out of Canada but are interested in studying corporate law in Canada, you are on the right page. Contained in this article are the best corporate law universities in Canada. Let’s find out what they are.

How to Get a Law Degree in Canada

When looking to study for a law degree in Canada, there are certain things that are required of you. They are;

You must have gone through high school completely. This can be from an education system in any part of the world. It does not have to be from Canada.

When you are done with high school, you should proceed to get an undergraduate degree. Getting an undergraduate degree qualifies you to get into a Canadian law school. There are no limitations to the type of undergraduate degree you can get before you qualify to attend law school in Canada. You could make use of BKin, BMus, BPHE, BEng, BCom, BSc, BBA, BA, etc.

With your undergraduate degree in the pocket, you should sit for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). After this, you can apply to any law school in Canada. To ensure that you get things done properly, take out time and do some research.

Cost of Studying Law in Canada

The cost of studying law in Canada is not fixed. University fee is dependent on a number of factors. Chief among them is the location of the university. Also, you will have to consider the cost of housing. All things being equal, when looking to study law in Canada, you should be willing to pay a tuition fee that ranges from $7,000 to $34,000 annually.

Best Corporate Law Universities in Canada

Corporate Law Universities in Canada

University of Calgary

There are several amazing universities in Canada where people can study corporate law. However, if you are looking to study corporate law in a university because of how innovative its law school is, then, you might want to give a lot of attention to the University of Calgary’s law school. This is because it is generally considered the most innovative in Canada. The degree programs offered in this school are focused on the most recent trends in law and on the legal market place. There’ is more. The many courses available in this law school were designed to ensure that students are equipped to deal with the most recent legal practices without feeling under undue pressure. They also come with several practical sessions.

In this university are a good number of research projects that have been carried out by scholars from various parts of the world as well as a research center that helps significantly with innovation.

York University

York University has a law school called Osgoode Hall Law School. This law school is situated in Toronto. Beyond simply studying corporate law in this school, one can get a broad range of PhD, postgraduate, and undergraduate Law degrees. The courses in this school feature a very dynamic approach to law which goes a long way in ensuring that students get the best legal education available in Canada. The Osgoode Hall Law School is one of the, most reputable in Canada. However, it is not just a law school that has its reputation limited to Canada. It is considered one of the best law schools all around the world.

Queen’s University

Queen’s university, located in Ottawa is a leading law school in Canada. It has a faculty of law where students can get a Master of law in 9 to 12 months. This course helps students have a very deep understanding of the legal processes in Canada and all round the world. It also significantly helps with their research skills.

University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa has a Law School located in Ontario. It was established in 1953 and is definitely one of the most prestigious in Canada. Students can obtain a degree program in several disciplines. Some of these disciplines include Technology Law, International Law, Policy Law, environmental Law, Health Law, Social Justice, Aboriginal Law, Advocacy, etc.


The law schools in Canada might not be the most popular in the world. However, they are very well funded and well developed. The implication of this is anyone that attends law school in Canada will be getting one of the best educations their money can buy. This might not seem like much. However, it is a big deal to students from third world countries.

While the requirements for studying law in Canada is generally the same for international students and residents of Canada, there is a little extra for international students. As an international student looking to study in a law school in Canada, you must have gone through an undergraduate program in your country. This program should be at least a two-year program. In the absence of this, you might be unqualified to study in a law school in Canada.

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